Lauren Collier


Reward & Policy Manager, Lauren Collier, raises awareness of employee mental health support services this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

With over 1,500 businesses and more than 45,000 employees, it’s sometimes a challenge to ensure all of our teams are aware of the support we offer to those struggling with their mental health.

Our Reward & Policy Manager, Lauren Collier, is taking #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek as an opportunity to raise awareness of the support we offer.

“As Reward & Policy Manager, I am constantly looking at how we can provide the right tools and support to our employees who are struggling with their mental health.

We’re pleased to partner with the Licensed Trade Charity (LTC) to offer our teams an Employee Assistance Programme that is free to call 24/7, 365 days a year, to talk in confidence about money, health, relationships, housing or anything else that’s playing on their mind. The Licensed Trade Charity met most of our General Managers at our PRIDE Awards in October last year, along with Neyber, HSBC and Payroll Giving, and we are working on how we can get The Licensed Trade Charity to meet with more of our teams.

Our employees can contact The Licensed Trade Charity by calling 0808 801 0550.

Almost all of our Retail Business Managers have also undertaken Mental Health Awareness training, and 13 of our Retail Business Managers are Mental Health First Aiders, along with 10 of our HR team who are based all over the country. We are currently working on bringing mental health awareness training to our intranet, which will be available to everybody as an online workshop. This is our continued effort to try and ensure our management teams are trained in how to support their teams.

Our online benefits platform, Pickaperk, is an online wellbeing centre, which has resources available across four categories – Mind, Move, Money & Munch – including videos on meditation and workouts, recipes, budget planners and more. To give our teams even more access to support all day, every day, we offer a subsidised plan for 24/7 access to a GP and counsellors over the phone through our partnership with Simply Health. We are also looking at how we can bring some seminars in areas such as nutrition and financial knowledge to the masses via social media or our intranet, so watch this space!

It’s important that we continue to work hard to provide the best possible support to our employees, so we are continuing to develop partnerships with experts – such as Neyber, Simplyhealth, and the LTC – as part of our wellbeing strategy to ensure our teams have the information and support they need conveniently at their fingertips, with the flexibility to access whenever they need it, to help ensure they can love every moment with us.

If anyone would like any further advice, our new corporate charity of choice, Birmingham MIND, have useful information on its website.

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