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Why securing your wellbeing and mental health is so important when experiencing workplace uncertainty or closure

“If you’re going through redundancy, or uncertainty about your workplace’s future, be open & honest to people around you. Talk about how you’re feeling.”

Workplace uncertainty or closure can be daunting and make you feel anxious or uneasy about your future. It’s so important during this time to try and get some headspace and draw on any positives that can secure your wellbeing and mental health.

At Mitchells & Butlers we have 17 different brands with a variety of jobs from field-based roles, to head office, to part time opportunities. People are our business and transferrable skills from so many industries diversify our workforce, strengthen our teams and support people’s careers.

Someone who was faced with such challenge was our Head of People for the Pubs division, Juliett Campbell. Juliett worked at British Airways and Flybe for 17 years until she was forced to take redundancy following company changes. Here Juliett talks about her story and offers advice to those affected by workplace uncertainty or closure.

Tell us a bit about what happened to you when you were made redundant?

I was a Performance Manager at Flybe, with over 17 years of experience under my belt in the aviation industry. I took redundancy as the changes the company were making were not feasible for me, so I started looking for a new role.

In the moment, all I could think about was it I can’t find another role, what if employers saw me as institutionalized in the aviation industry. But I realised I just needed to go for it and that I have nothing to lose.

I saw a post about Mitchells & Butlers, and I realised the skills I had gained from the aviation industry were perfect – so I applied and landed the job! I joined as a Training Manager six months later I was promoted to Head of People for the Pubs Division.

What would your advice be to someone in a similar situation?

If you’re going through redundancy, or uncertainty about your workplace’s future, be open & honest to people around you. Talk about how you’re feeling. If you’ve been in your workplace for a while it can be difficult to think beyond where you’ve been. In fact, I would encourage people to try and see that, it’s a really positive opportunity to reassess your career and life goals and then take stock of the experiences you’ve had.

Just remember, your mental health is really important.

Do you feel there’s been a big difference between working in hospitality and aviation?

Initially, I thought it was going to be a huge learning curve. But because of my transferable skills from the aviation industry it was relatively easy to transition. The only difference has been instead of talking about how much a delayed flight costs the business, I’m now talking about the importance of looking after our people.

Mitchells & Butlers has been superb, and I am so thankful for the job I have. The focus on wellbeing, mental health and career progression from Mitchells & Butlers helped me transition into this role as easily as possible. It’s absolutely the best company I’ve ever worked for.


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