Celebrating exam results and future career choices

Celebrating exam results and the future career choices that await

In just one day, the future students have been working towards can take a dramatic change in direction.  If exam results pan out differently to anticipated, suddenly students will have to consider fresh career options, educational courses and different places to work and study, from the original Plan A.

For parents bracing themselves to coach and console their children on exam results day, it can be incredibly confusing.  The education system, the grades, financial funding and even the name of the qualifications has changed, and the choices open to young people after secondary school has now exploded.  For parents it can be difficult to give the best advice and help young people explore the myriad of unfamiliar choices open to them.

We asked Mitchells & Butlers HR Director, Susan Martindale how she would advise parents to best support young people at this critical time.

She explains, “As HR Director I'm fortunate to be more aware than most parents of the career options on offer. It means I'm able to really champion the modern Apprenticeship which I believe provides a golden opportunity to help young people take their first career steps, get qualified and get paid.   Distant memories of Apprenticeships of the past, the Youth Training Scheme and day release to college, might create a dim view of an Apprenticeship as a career choice in our modern workplace.   This could not be more wrong.”

“In reality, parents need to know that the Apprenticeship route has been transformed with structured high-quality training delivered through on-the-job, college attendance and e-learning.  As well as ‘earning while you learn', the Apprenticeship can provide the catalyst for many young people to achieve success through development of essential workplace skills.  If you could get degrees in teamwork, social skills, negotiation, problem solving, time management or tenacity, we'd certainly be awarding them at Mitchells & Butlers!”

“We are proud though, that through our programme, learners do have the potential to achieve a Level 5 degree equivalent qualification, whilst picking up Level 2, 3 and 4 professional qualifications in hospitality management and culinary skills along the way.  What's more, in addition to qualifications, we help young people develop practical skills making them highly employable, work ready and debt-free compared to those who continue wholly academic study.”

“Naturally, University will remain the right choice for many young people and at Mitchells & Butlers we also have a great programme that helps Graduates forge future careers within Marketing, HR, Finance, Area Manager and General Manager roles.   The great thing about Mitchells & Butlers is that whatever your route into working with us, whether working on the frontline, as a student job, as an Apprentice or a Graduate, our award-winning development programme means that however people start with us, there is no limit to how far careers can progress in the future.”

“So, my advice to parents is that on exam results day, be ready to celebrate whatever the grade.  There will be a career opportunity that works for everyone, so take time to consider all options.  So, for now can I suggest you get down to the pub and celebrate this milestone event – and while you're there, have a chat to our wonderful Apprentices and Graduates and find out why they love every moment working at Mitchells & Butlers.”

Students and graduates considering their next option can find out more at our dedicated Apprentice and Graduate programmes webpages.