Wendy Annison
Wendy Annison leads the way in Solutions Architecture

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  As the Business Change and Technology team remains a key focus area for growth at Mitchells & Butlers, we recently welcomed Wendy Annison as Solutions Architect. As a key driver for business change and improving the way, Mitchells & Butlers work, Wendy’s role is to identify potential solutions and make recommendations based on architecture principles and the technology strategy. We took the opportunity to get to know her over an interview.       3 Firstly, what is a Solutions Architect? And how would you describe it to a 4-year-old? A Solutions Architect is the person who balances what all the different people want and designs a solution which best gives everyone what they need. We have to understand how all the different pieces of a solution should fit together to make one big picture. Then we make sure everyone understands and is happy with how the picture looks. Once everyone is happy we make sure that things are built correctly and delivered to the people who need to use it.   What is the professional description of your role? A solution architect translates requirements created by business analysts into the architecture for that solution and describes it through architecture and design artefacts. In Mitchells and Butlers Solution Architects are responsible for high-level designs and ensuring all stakeholders are comfortable with the proposed solutions. The solution architect identifies potential solutions and makes recommendations based on architecture principles and the technology strategy. The architect then oversees delivery and deployment of the solution.   What is your vision for your work at Mitchells & Butlers? I’m only a few months into my role here at M&B so I’m still formulating my vision. I’m interested in getting under the hood of some of the applications, especially those which are used company-wide. I’m hoping to get involved in the application roadmaps and overall technology strategy.   How did you forge this career path? I trained as a programmer when I left university and I soon realised that I enjoy finding solutions which help people do their job. I spent several years as an analyst and programmer before moving on to managing integration and ERP solutions. This led me into Solution Architecture and I haven’t looked back since.   When did you discover your passion for technology? For me, technology is not an end unto itself. Technology exists to help people; whether that is to do their job better or simply live a fuller life. That is what I really love, applying technology and being able to see a positive impact on someone’s life. Which pub or restaurant do you spend most time in and what is ‘your usual’? My favourite M&B pub is my local Miller and Carter. I’m not sure that I can claim to have usual because there are so many delicious things on the menu, but I do have a weakness for a medium-rare rib-eye steak.   And finally, why are you excited about being part of the Mitchells & Butlers team? M&B is a great challenge for me. I have worked in retail and manufacturing so working in hospitality is a whole new world. M&B was recommended to me as a great place to work by two of my old colleagues and I am really pleased to have been able to join. I am especially excited to be working with cloud technologies and being part of building on the innovative technology agenda.

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Lucy  Chapman


Lucy Chapman

Lucy  Chapman


Lucy Chapman


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