putting guests and colleagues at the heart of hospitality

Putting guests & colleagues at the heart of hospitality

We caught up with seasoned leader and Regional Business Manager for Sizzling Pubs from Liverpool to North Wales, Sharon Higham, about her secrets of success.

Sharon Higham Regional Business Manager, shares the secret of her success

As one of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK, making sure that each business delivers a consistent guest and brand experience is the responsibility of our fantastic Retail Operations Team. Leading these teams are our Retail Business Managers (RBMs), who oversee a multi-million pound portfolio of 10-15 pubs/restaurants in different areas of the UK and their role is one of the most rewarding in our industry.

A seasoned leader, Sharon Higham is RBM for Sizzling Pubs in Liverpool, Chester, Wirral and North Wales and is a shining example of how with the right skills and initiative, you can climb your way up the career ladder at Mitchells & Butlers. Starting out at Mitchells and Butlers working part-time behind the bar after her the birth of her first daughter, Sharon soon fell in love with the hospitality industry. “I instantly knew this is the industry I wanted to be in – I could be myself and bring my personality to work. I mean, how many jobs are there that you get paid to have fun!”

With a variety of different brands at Mitchells & Butlers, Sharon took full advantage of the flexibility to move between them and take on new roles within the business, and soon after she took on her first managerial position. It was this role that led Sharon to discover how important is was to her that she had an impact on people’s lives, “Every time I come into work, I aim to make someone else’s day a little bit better through the work I do.” And with this mentality, Sharon was promoted to a Regional Business Manager and within months her district saw massive improvements. “I joined my district team when we were at the bottom of every performance league table but through following a strategic plan and working hard, we got to number 5! I love seeing teams grow and flourish, it makes me feel very proud”, Sharon says.

In addition to the chance of receiving rewarding bonuses for good business performance, the role also offers her a flexibility that suits her lifestyle, “My job involves amazing flexibility, not only in terms of what hours you work but what you do in those hours, which makes juggling a work and home life balance easy.” When she does work from the Mitchells & Butlers Head Office, she’s playing a crucial part in the development of her brand and inputting into Sizzling Pubs marketing, food, training and operational development programmes.

But Sharon’s favourite part of the job is when she is spending time visiting her businesses and meeting General Managers to coach them and their retail teams to maximise our guests experience and support them to meet their business targets. “I love going into my businesses and talking to the GMs to discuss how we can stand out and improve. I also use this as a chance to speak to our guests to find out what they love, what they dislike and what we can change”.

After achieving huge success during her career with Mitchells & Butlers, Sharon is eager to pass on her advice to those who are interested in pursuing a job as an RBM, “If you work hard, acquire your training, have a positive relationship with guests and colleagues whilst showing initiative - you’ll find yourself in a senior managerial position”.

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