What is it like to work as a restaurant or pub manager?

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Would you describe yourself as driven, friendly or perhaps a multitasker? Maybe you’re the go-to person in your friend group for organising get togethers, or perhaps you’re famous for your Hollywood film-worthy pep talks. If you tick any of these boxes, you might make a great restaurant or pub manager. But what will the average day look like and what can you expect to be thrown at you on your shift? Take a look below at the rundown of what it’s like to work as a restaurant or pub manager. Spoiler alert – you won’t actually get anything thrown at you.You get to bring out the best in your teamDid you know that 9 in 10 managers started their hospitality career in an entry-level role? As a general manager, you’ll be the key piece in the puzzle, helping to build a business to be proud of and being there every step of the way as your team grows and smashes targets. Remember that manager who always recognised when you went the extra mile for a guest and never failed to sing your praises? Well now it’s your chance to do the same, only this time for your own team. The satisfaction you’ll get from helping apprentices find their feet will (almost) compare to the joy of eating a Toby Carvery roast. You gain a work familyIf you thrive in a fast-paced environment and love nothing more than working around other people, then a restaurant or pub manager job will be right up your street. The moment you step through the doors you’ll learn to embrace your second job title – Head of the Work Family. You’ll keep your team safe and remind them why they love coming to work every day, serving up positive vibes with a side of banter. So maybe you’ll get a reputation for your cringe jokes but your team wouldn’t have you any other way. Plus, positive work cultures are more productive meaning you’ll get to see your staff shine as bright as the wine glasses they’re polishing.You’re the friendly face that greets the guestsWhat’s better than being known as the person who makes everyone feel welcome? Well, getting to do it each day as part of your job is the real cherry on top. You’ll greet every guest with one of your award-winning smiles and make them feel instantly at home so that every visit is as special as the last. Whether you’re managing a restaurant, pub or bar, great customer experience is one of your top priorities. As a manager, when you’re not helping your team or checking that every meal is plated to perfection you get the pleasure of catching up with the regulars.You’ll wear many hatsDo you like a job where you have to think on your feet? Whether you take on a general manager or assistant manager role, you’ll act as the go-between, keeping the waiting staff, bar staff and the kitchen team all working in sync and making sure service is seamless so that no one has to go without their chocolate fudge cake. If your friends and family would describe you as the glue that holds everyone together then this part of the job will be second nature to you.Even though you’ll have to think on your feet, don’t be fooled into believing you’ll be rushed off them all day. Working as a manager at Mitchells & Butlers, you’ll find yourself making last-minute reservations for our guests organising rotas, handling customer enquiries and showing off how business-minded you are when completing your sales reports. And if you give it your all when wearing each of your hats, you might just have what it takes to become an area manager.Find your next restaurant and pub manager job with usAt Mitchells & Butlers, the sky is the limit when it comes to your career because working with us is about more than just a job. We have 13 brands and over 1,600 businesses across the UK and we believe in investing in our colleagues. Whether serving up steaks at Miller & Carter or finding the perfect table for guests at Premium Country Pubs, you'll get to flex all your skills and pick up more as you go. If you bring the can-do attitude, we’ll provide the support and award-winning training to help you reach your ambitions. Make sure to sign up to job alerts so your the first to know  about our next assistant manager or general manager opportunity.

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Would you describe yourself as driven, friendly or perhaps a multitasker? Then take a look at the rundown of what it’s like to work as a restaurant or pub manager - you might just be perfect for the job.

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Steph  Baker


Steph Baker

Steph  Baker


Steph Baker


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