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18 stories that every waiting team understands

Of course, you work hard being part of the waiting teams of any pub and restaurant, but it’s fair to say working in hospitality is filled with fun. There are a few stories that are too funny not to share and will make every server nod their head in agreement! Have a read of these 18 stories, as told by our waiting teams at Mitchells & Butlers’ pubs and restaurants across the UK.


The missing condiment wake up call.

“Waking up in the middle of the night remembering you forgot to give table 34 their ketchup”

Kiran, Premium Country Pubs


The confused ‘vegan’.

“Guest asked to see the vegan menu. Two minutes later, sorry there isn’t much meat on this menu.”

Valentin, Vintage Inns


Having a little giggle when you’re asked this.

“Can I have a pint of pepperoni please?”

Kayleigh, Miller & Carter


Having a smashing time.

“The fear of smashing a glass knowing the guests and team will shout WHEYYY”

Courtney, Vintage Inns


Vegan meal

Who said romance is dead?

“Two seagulls consummating their relationship on the roof to a packed-out beer garden. Once they had finished the garden erupted in cheer and applause. Who said romance was dead?”

Lewis, Premium Country Pubs


Roast Dinner

The plates were too clean…

“Excuse me but our plates are too shiny, and we can’t cut our food properly.” “We now refer to it as shiny plate day!”

Suzanne, Harvester


Calamari confusion.

“Staring at food so much that in a busy weekend you forget the name of basic items. Putting the pot of tea down, here’s your calamari.”

Maderson and Kirsty, Miller & Carter


The guest who doesn’t speak French.

“Do you have dolphin nose potatoes”

Ally, Toby Carvery


Christmas chaos

“After a busy festive period, I was doing a food shop at my local ASDA and found myself shouting ‘mind your backs’ to strangers who were in my way!”

Ben, Premium Country Pubs


Birthday blunder.

“Put a note in bookings for a table celebrating a 60th birthday, the waitress wrote a card and a sign, guest arrived, and it was her 50th birthday. Thankfully she took my typo with good heart!”

Alison, Miller & Carter


Slippery sauce.

“Tried helping the kitchen team by emptying the salad bar. I slipped and the blue cheese sauce exploded all over the walls, ceiling, floor and salad cart. Ended up being more of a hinderance than a help as the rest of the kitchen team helped me clear it up.”

Chantelle, Harvester



Sometimes you just can’t wait for your pint

“I was pouring a pint of Guinness left half to settle, the guest took the pint of the drip tray and walked away.”

Courtney, Sizzling and Suburban


When life gives you lemons…

“I once had a team member who came to the bar to get a few slices of lemon on a plate for a guest… the guest had asked for a Bitter lemon, but she heard this as a ‘bit of lemon’.”

Emily, Miller & Carter


May the force be with you.

“One waitress asked the customer if they wanted Chewbacca bread instead of ciabatta! So, when she asked for it the kitchen joked by making Star Wars noises!”

Lynne, Toby Carvery


You can’t have your cake and eat it!

“Singing happy birthday to a table, bringing out the cake for them to eat and then they told us it wasn’t their tables birthday, it was the table next to them…”

Chloe, Miller & Carter


Two can play that game!

“Asking a customer how many of each item they would like on the unlimited breakfast and he said 2 bacon, 2 sausage etc. When I asked about the beans, he said 2, so when I went into the kitchen, I asked them to put 2 beans on his plate. Took it out, everyone laughed, and he replied, ‘you win’!”

Marie, Harvester



The mysterious case of the missing gnomes.

“There were 2 gnomes in the garden painted and labelled as two regulars. One day the gnomes went missing and it was the talk of the pub that they had disappeared. A good year after they disappeared, we used to get postcards from the gnome all over the world!”

Katie, Sizzling and Suburban




In between all of those laughs, our employees help make our guest experiences extra special. Interested in joining our family and working in our fun and friendly working environments? Find out more about working with us.


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